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Ashdod Yam Park

Located near the shoreline, Ashdod Yam Park is a pleasant 20-hectare space that’s perfect if you’re visiting with kids in tow. There’s a good playground with shade, Biblical-themed sculptures, basketball courts with hoops at different heights, plenty of nearby cafes and restaurants, and a large man-made lake with paddle boats for getting out onto the water.

Visit in the evening and catch the Dancing Fountains show, a fun water and light show that happens six nights a week (Sunday through Thursday at 6:30 pm, 8:30 pm, 10:15 pm and Saturday night at 8:30 pm and 10:15 pm).


Metzudat Ashdod – Ashdod Fortress


A beautifully preserved citadel (called the Metzuda) is located on the popular “Metzuda Beach”.

Metzudat Ashdod – the port castle (Kal’at El-Mina) citadel reaches a height of eight meters and covers two and a half dunams. It was constructed by none other than Caliph Abed el Malek – who erected Jerusalem’s Dome of the Rock in 691. Because it was covered over with sand for centuries and thus beautifully preserved.


Gambrinus, hazionut 45, ashdod


Gambrinus Bistro is a restaurant and bar from the bustling entertainment area in Ashdod.

Design rustic restaurant, seating alcoves intimate and luxurious wood, special atmosphere is completely cut off from outside and gives the feeling that you came to the pub in a hut in the woods.

The restaurant's menu includes large portions of grills, steaks, fish, seafood, and more .. at very attractive prices.

Gambrinus offers luxurious accommodation and exciting food served generously and fair pricing.


One of the best fish and seafood restaurants in Israel

Great taste fresh fish and sea food.
Idi is a great person and chef serving fresh food of the best quality. Come in any time and enjoy it. Prices a bit high but good value.

 6 Habosem, Ashdod, Israel  

אידי דגים1.jpg


Elegant design, Here you can taste delicious food and variety choice from a wide selection of beers, wines, alcohol and cocktails.

Enjoy an unforgettable atmosphere.

Haazmaut 85, Ashdod

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